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"Did a private class with Matt the other day hands down one of the best individuals I have ever delt with in the firearms industry. I will be back for additional training. Can't wait for his next level of classes. If your looking for your cpl or just training you will be more then impressed." Spencer Powell

"My husband and I went to his class and we both loved it. He was a very good instructor, gave us a lot of good information. Big on safety and was very helpful out on the range. He taught you a lot of the laws with carrying. He showed different holsters that were safe and unsafe ones he also explained a few different kinds of guns. I definitely recommend taking this class it was very helpful. I learned how to shoot better with his instructions as well. Not to mention the pizza was really good." Tara Dockins

"I went into this class with literally almost no gun handling experience, but by the time I left I felt so much more confident and comfortable using a firearm... I learned so much from him in just those 8 hours, its unbelievable. If you're looking for a good, quality, fun, informational class, I'd definitely recommend this one! Matt is very knowledgeable and helpful." Leighanna Powell

"Great class! I left there feeling much more prepared to be a concealed carrier. I even got to bring home new information to my husband whom has been a carrier for six years! I'd recommend your class to everyone! He is very concerned with safety, takes the time to teach you about the laws in Michigan for guns and carrying. He also sent over many different guns, holsters, ammo and accessories. On the range he was right there next to us with clear direction. We drove from south of Kalamazoo and let me tell you it was more than worth it. Even if it is a drive to get there, well worth it! Hope to take your more advanced courses in the future! God Bless!" Amber Cole

"Outstanding!!!! I drove from waterford for this. Let me tell you, totally worth it! Great information and one on one range time. Not only did Matt increase my knowledge but also my general skill with a fire arm. My fiance and I both highly recommend this program. I am a novice shooter and walked away quite confident. Please consider this man as your instructor. Ps. It was in the negative Temps today and he still took one on one time with each shooter on his outdoor range. This man is dedicated to teaching!" Chris Stokley