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Looking for an affordable CPL class in Michigan? Look no further than Freedom Firearms Training. As an NRA certified instructor, Matt Liponoga offers his customers top notch training that won't break the bank.

Class Details:

1) Safe storage, use and handling of a pistol including, but not limited to, safe storage, use and handling to protect a child;
2) Fundamentals of pistol shooting and shooting positions
3) Ammunition knowledge, and the fundamentals of pistol shooting;
pistol shooting positions;
4) Firearms and the law, including civil liability issues;
5) Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation;
6) All laws that apply to carrying a concealed pistol in this state

What you need:

Firearm and 100 rounds of ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection
State Issued Identification (Drivers License)

Bottled Water/Coffee is provided

Located in Otisville, Michigan